Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Swap Box!

I was SOOO excited when I got back from the store.  There was a lovely little box waiting on me.  It happened to be my redditlaquerista summer swap box, and oh the joys that awaited me inside.  Let's check it out shall we?

(From left to right) Rain Check (Wet n Wild), Moon Dance (Wet n Wild), Die Hard Fan (Sally Hansen), Be-Jeweled (Sally Hansen Gem Crush), Cha-Ching (Sally Hansen Gem Crush), Sweet Peacock (Orly), Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (Orly), As Gold As It Gets (Essie), and Wrapped in Rubies (Essie).  Also included were a stack of swatch wheels (which I will certainly use eventually) and a very cute card.

I have to give a huge freakin thank you to chanelleol!  

I was kind of amazed that I don't have any of these but many are on my wishlist.  I squealed with joy when I started unwrapping these treasures from their bubble-wrap cocoons.  I want to marry this woman! 

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