Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Try it on Tuesday!

Inspired by all the ladies who are doing the whole "Try it on Tuesday" thing.  As I'm sure many of my fellow polish addicts do, I have a ton of nail polish I have never used, but love all the same.  So why not... Yesterday I decided to try out Ingenue (Orly).  Originally from a holiday line I believe it is now part of the core display in most stores that carry the brand.  It's really a lovely color and so damn sparkly.  I did decide to take it a bit further and did some taping with a black crackle on the tips.  Check it out...

The black crackle I used was Black Mesh (China Glaze) and I did some striping by hand in Gold Rush (Revlon).

As far as the upcoming giveaway, I still haven't gotten much feedback as far as what sorts of prizes would be best.  Do you think one large prize or a bunch of smaller prizes would be better? 

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