Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Neon on Neon Action!

Hello, hello good people.  I have been slacking on my posts, and I apologize for that.  I broke a nail last week, but was able to fix it with Orly Nail Rescue, which is great but it is kind of a pain, so my nails haven't been seeing the usual amount of change.  I wanted something bright and fun, and for me that means one thing.  Neons.  I love neons.  I love the pop of fluorescent color.  I love the drying time.  Neons make me smile. 

I used pretty much every neon in my arsenal.  The remind me of clowns or a ball pit.  I wish I had waited to clean up the edges before snapping the picture, but you can handle a little polish on my fingers right?  I thought so.  You guys are great.  For this mani I used (in no particular order) China Glaze in Flying Dragon, Purple Panic, Rose Among Thorns, and Celtic Sun, Sinful Colors in Summer Peach, Studio M in Neon Greenlight, and Nina Pro in Blu Blaze.  Oh yeah I also used Pure Ice in Super Star to make the colors really pop. 

In other news I did finally set up a facebook page for my blog.  I'm still figuring this all out as I go, which is why I consider it an adventure.  I'm sure when I do my first giveaway here before too long it will be a requirement to "like" the facebook page.  So go ahead and get a jump on that HERE!

Speaking of giveaway, we are getting pretty close to the 10,000 views milestone, and I have a few things saved back for the prize but I kind of want to get something kind of special.  Hit me up with your suggestions/ideas for this or really anything.  I can always use some inspiration!

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  1. Wowzee, neon overboard! :p This is a cool look and would be lovely for a beach party or somewhere you want to get noticed! xx