Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Another year has come and gone.  I turned 25 this past weeked.  So I have got to show you guys my fabulous birthday haul.  My wonderful wonderful boyfriend took me shopping and got me TONS of polish for my birthday.  So here we go!

These guys are from Sephora.  From left to right we have Illamasqua in Jo'mina, Sephora by OPI in I Don't Bite, and TokiDoki in Savana.

 Next we have a couple bottles we picked up at Claire's.  The first one is just called Glitter Topcoat, and the second is from Spoiled Rotten: Point the Finger, and according to the Claire's website is just called Blue.  Way to be creative guys...

These guys are from Hot Topic.  From left to right we have Blackheart in Creep Show, Blackheart in Plummer, and L.A. Girl Cracked in Shattered.

These next few pictures are of my Ulta haul.  In the this picture is Butter London in Knees Up, Butter London in The Black Knight, and Layla Hologram Effect in Mercury Twilight.

(L to R) Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum, China Glaze in Crushed Candy, OPI in Pink Shatter, and Revlon in Fire Fox

Last but not least we have my new Ulta's which were buy 2 get 2 free.  Score! I got Pink-A-Boo, Diva, Indigo Go Girl, and Peach Parfait.

Overall I'd say I made out pretty good this year. 


  1. Awesome haul, I love those skull bottles! I have never seen anything like them before.

    1. They are pretty nifty bottles, and so far the polish is actually pretty decent. They were only $5 at hot topic and they had a ton of black light sensitive polish as well as other novelty type polish.